Invest automatically in forex with AI.
It's efficient, simple, secure and time-saving.
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Invest automatically with AI. It is simple, efficient & secure.

Wiseinvest Benefits

Invest from just $100
and anywhere.
Efficient & Secure.
Integrated with
the best Brokers.
Test with a
risk-free demo account.
Simple and
Annual average
return of +42%*.
Capital protected
by the brokers.
Low capital exposure
(0.10% to 0.65% per trade)
No performance fees.
Your capital is all yours.
You have full control
of your account.
Experts with 19
years of experience.
Company registered in
the USA and Brazil.

How it works

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Which forex brokers can I use?

See Track Record

To invest automatically with AI you need an account with FXCM, which is one of the largest and most trusted brokers in the world.

*Not all citizenships are accepted by the brokers.

What is Wiseinvest?

AI platform that invests for you. Wiseinvest is a company based in Florida, USA, formed by a team of AI scientists, finance specialists and software engineers, with backgrounds from Harvard, MIT and Oxford.

Our mission is to help people invest through AI, in a simple, secure and affordable way.

What to expect from Wiseinvest?

  • Automatic investment in forex through AI. Our AI places up to 60 trades per month with low risk exposure.
  • Time-saving. You do not need to spend time doing market analysis.
  • The average annual return on our AI is + 42% (from 2011 to 2020). Our performance exceeds stock exchanges and is much better than savings.
  • You have full control of your broker account. You can deactivate our AI and withdraw your capital whenever you want.
  • It's safe. Its capital is protected by brokers.
  • We do not charge performance and management fees.

Why invest in forex?

The largest trading market in the world.
Daily volume of $5 trillion.
Diversify your investments.
Portfolio of 28 currency pairs.
24/5 turnover.

Why invest in forex with us?

Company registered in the USA and Brazil.
Specialists with 19 years of financial experience.
Our AI has been tested on 13 years of historical data.
Its capital is protected by the brokers.
Test with a risk-free demo account.
You have full control of your account and can withdraw your capital at any time.