See Forex Currency Pairs: Majors, Minors and Exotics

Forex Currency Pairs: Majors, Minors and Exotics

The largest players in the foreign exchange market (forex) have their trading preferences, so some currencies are traded more than others 💷 💶 💴 💵. This is the reason by which there is a segmentation of forex pairs or symbols, usually described as Majors, Minors, and Exotics pairs. If you are considering trade forex, learning about forex pairs is important to define a trading portfolio.

So, in this article, we will help you to clarify the forex market and reach forex better investment outcomes.

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What you will learn ahead 🎓

  • Understanding the difference between majors, minors, and exotics forex pairs.
  • What are the most relevant forex pairs?
  • What is the best way to trade forex?

We will talk several times about the important role that the US dollar 🇺🇸 plays in forex trading, so the dollar is its leading currency.

Once an economy becomes big on the world stage, its currency becomes attractive to the forex market. Thus, large economies also play an important role in this market.

Other currencies can be more volatile, like the Turkish lira and Hong Kong dollar. They have an increasing volume of trading transactions and may become Majors in the future.

Larger and USD’s influence on forex

The eight most traded currencies are called major currencies. Their combination with the United States dollar generates the seven major currency pairs, consequently, they are among the most traded pairs in the forex market.

  • Dollar (USD) 🇺🇸
  • Euro (EUR) 🇪🇺
  • Japanese yen (JPY) 🇯🇵
  • British pound (GBP) 🇬🇧
  • Australian dollar (AUD) 🇦🇺
  • The Canadian dollar (CAD) 🇨🇦
  • Swiss franc (CHF) 🇨🇭
  • New Zealand dollar (NZD) 🇳🇿

EUR / USD, for example, represents more than 20% of all forex trading transactions, followed by USD / JPY (2nd), GBP / USD (3rd).

The major currencies attract more volume and are therefore more liquid, but that does not mean that you will be successful in your trades because there are many other factors involved in forex trading.

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Opportunities for using Artificial Intelligence🤖

Unlike major forex pairs, currencies with a smaller market share of global volumes are known as minor currencies and their related minor pairs.  Meanwhile, pairs that include only major currencies, except the USD, are considered cross pairs.  While smaller pairs may be less popular and not widely-traded, that does not mean that there is little volume or liquidity.

💡 For example, most smaller pairs have higher average daily trading volumes than some national stock exchanges. Some examples of cross pairs with significant volume include the EUR/GBP, GBP/JPY, and EUR/CHF which are highly liquid.

Most forex traders focus on the most liquid and popular currencies, simply because it is difficult to monitor many pairs at the same time. That is why AI is so important today for retail forex trading. Applied correctly, the right trading tools can help broaden an investor’s perspective on forex opportunities.

Exotics and the Future of the Chinese Currency 🇨🇳

The Chinese yuan currency (CNY) also known as the Renminbi (RMB) is one of the most-traded emerging currencies, yet is restricted to mainland China due to the regulations by the Chinese Government. CNY is known as the on-shore currency in China, while CNH is the offshore version of the Chinese yuan.

Multiple regulatory agencies in China implement strict controls around the flow of onshore and offshore currency, to regulate monetary policy by decreasing or increasing the supply. This managed exchange rate for the onshore CNY is comparable to a state-managed currency, whereas the price of the CNH is more market-driven.

Exotic Forex pairs are the combination of the main currency with a currency of an emerging or strong economy, but smaller from a global perspective. Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, and European countries outside the eurozone, or the combination of two emerging currencies in a single exotic pair.

One benefit of trading exotic pairs is that they offer higher potential returns due to their wide price fluctuations.

On the other hand, it also means a greater risk of trading and potentially wider spreads. Check out here the best forex brokers to trade. They provide lower spreads and high liquidity.

Some of the most traded exotic pairs are USD/CNY, USD/HKD, USD/SEK, USD/SGD, USD/TRY.

AI and the goal of profitability 💹

Without technology, it would be nearly impossible to follow all currency pairs in the forex market.

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Reviewing the most traded Forex pairs

Did you miss something about the most traded forex symbols? Here is a review of a survey conducted by the BIS bank.

  • The US Dollar (USD 🇺🇸) is the most popular forex trading pair, with 88.3% of global trades involving the ever-reliable greenback.
  • The second most popular currency in the forex market is the Euro (EUR 🇪🇺), accounting for 32.3% of trades.
  • The Japanese Yen (JPY 🇯🇵) comes in third place, with 16.8% of all trades involving this currency. However, the Japanese Yen’s share has dropped 5% in the last three years.
  • Currencies that belong to emerging market economies contribute to 24.5% of all forex traders. This constitutes a rise of 4% when compared to the last BIS Bank survey, which was conducted in 2016.
  • The British Pound Sterling (GBP 🇬🇧) accounted for 12.8% of all trades in 2019.
  • The Australian Dollar’s (AUD 🇦🇺) share in global forex trading remained at a stable 6.8%.
  • The Canadian Dollar (CAD 🇨🇦) and Swiss Franc (CHF 🇨🇭) each accounted for roughly 5% of forex trading in 2019.
  • Trading in the Chinese Renminbi has seen an increase that was in line with aggregate market growth. The Renminbi is at one side of 4.3% of all forex traders.
  • The Hong Kong dollar has seen a surprising increase in the overall share of the forex market in the last three years. HKD’s share has doubled from 1.7% in 2016 to 3.5% in 2019.
  • The New Zealand Dollar (NZD 🇳🇿) has retained an unchanged percentage of the market – with 2.1% of all transactions involving this currency both in 2016 and 2019.

The most efficient way to trade forex 💹

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What is the trading strategy of our AI?

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Using technical analysis, our calculation considers not just the examples of different patterns, including backing and obstruction levels and cross-pointers, yet our AI is likewise ready to make its own ongoing record for every money pair, that is utilized to distinguish what is the best course and target.

Comparable to fundamental analysis in forex, the AI makes a connection inside the financial schedule to discover news information that can influence explicit cash sets.


  • Major currency pairs all include the US dollar currency in the pair, due to the US influence in the world economy.
  • Minors are the combinations of the other seven most influential currencies among themselves; They represent a very significant volume of trading.
  • Exotic currency pairs are those from other major economies, but they are not yet common or represent a smaller share of global forex trading volumes.
  • To monitor global forex pairs, it is mandatory to have the right trading tools and technical support.

Only with Artificial Intelligence, like Wiseinvest AI trading and AI signals, can you really follow so many different forex investment options. Our AI system only costs a small fee each month and opens up opportunities to trade forex like a professional trader.

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Disclaimer: Forex and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money due to leverage. Forex trading is not suitable for everyone. You should consider whether you understand how forex and CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

The forex brokerages displayed shall disclaim the overall performance of traders in their platforms. Oanda warns that 76.8% of retail forex traders lose money trading CFDs. XTB warns that 80% of retail forex traders lose money trading CFDs. FXCM warns that 74.74% of retail forex traders lose money trading CFDs.

The performances aforementioned are not related to Wiseinvest AI forex trading and AI forex signals system. You can check the performance of our AI forex system on our dashboard.