The 7 most common mistakes in financial management
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The 7 most common mistakes in financial management

Making mistakes in managing your personal investments is more common than you might think. Many investors can be excellent players in managing their investments, but they can go bankrupt for not giving the necessary attention when they decide to opt for a new investment model, as in the Forex Market. 

It is also common for people not to have a real sense of what it is to manage their own finances and to believe false promises when it comes to making money through investments in Forex.

We understand that financial management comprises all personal administrative actions and procedures, which aim to maximize the financial and economic results of a company or its private life. Thus, it is more than fundamental that the management of your forex investments is taken extremely seriously! 

So that you know what the most common mistakes are made by simple mortals in the financial area and the forex trading market, and how to avoid this, we have prepared an article for you!  

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1- False diversification


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The most common mistake is to invest in different assets/currency pairs, but which have similar behavior. These are portfolios with a large number of assets, but which have a high correlation with each other. For example, having several different bank bonds, all of which are fixed income. In other cases, the investor invests more than 5% of the portfolio in a single or a few shares or several of the same sectors. 

A basic principle of risk management is not to focus resources on a single investment. The ideal is to distribute them in assets with different characteristics. 

 “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In finance, what the classic proverb tells us is to not allocate all investments in a single asset, or even more, in just one financial instrument. In practice that means you should diversify your investments, instead of investing solely in stocks, or just in forex, or just in real estate, and so on. This is also an investment strategy widely used by hedge funds and professional traders, which consists of distributing the capital across different instruments, and many times, different markets. But, how many “baskets” should I have then? Well, it depends on a variety of factors and there is no single answer. However, here are some questions that could be taken into account: What is your capital size? What is your expected return? What is your risk appetite? What is your availability of time to manage your investments? Finally, a good financial advisor would be the right person to assist you”, says our CEO, Lucas Vaz. 

2 – Take risks that are not worth it



Balancing risk and return are essential to make applications according to your profile. After all, if a safe investment offers the same return as a riskier one, there is no point in taking the risk, right?

The Sharpe Index is one of the indicators that help to find out what this balance point is. The higher the Sharpe, the better the performance of this investment about the risk it offers.

Another frequent problem is the false adaptation to the investor’s risk profile globally. For example, the investor who considers himself bold, but has 90% of the equity in fixed income. In the forex market, you do need to know yourself well to distribute your funds according to your investor profile and financial objectives. 

3 – Red alert: Fixed and Variable income



Fixed income is an investment modality that has a predictable return; Variable income has no type of definition about the rate of return, only market forecasts, that is, it “varies” over time. 

This is not necessarily a bad product, but its presence in the wallet raises a red alert. This is because most of the options offered in the market are expensive, have credit risk, and complex profitability. 

It is a product that, in the great majority of times, has very long terms, with very little possibility of early redemption and in which, if the conditions are not met, the investor may lose to the inflation of the period that was stuck in the investment. Moreover, in most institutions, it is a product that pays high commissions to the manager or advisor, enabling a high conflict of interest in recommending these assets. It does not exist in the Forex Market.

4 – High administration fees



The cost of administration can greatly impact the net profitability of your investments. This is yet another common problem for portfolios: fixed-income funds with low profitability, charging management fees above 0.3% per year – common in large banks around the world. 

 ”It is necessary to pay attention to management fees, since they can consume a good part of the return, especially in a scenario with lower interest rates”, alerts Vaz. 

5 – Invest only in your Home Country



Many investors have already discovered the stock market, but most still invest only in your home country stocks. When a crisis occurs, all assets (shares of national companies, private and public securities, goods, real estate, etc.) in the world economy are affected in some way, at the same time.

One measure to prevent this risk from impacting your investments is geographical diversification. 

Exposure to assets or currency pairs with no relation to your home country’s economic scenario allows greater protection and enables a greater return in the long run. Investing abroad is a good alternative to build a diversified portfolio and, therefore, more resistant to variations in the local market.  

6 – Inadequate liquidity



As important as deciding which application to invest in, it is critical to consider how long your money will take to redeem. Many people end up leaving money in savings due to the ease of being able to redeem at any time. The booklet is the first contact of many people with the investment world. 

However, the savings yield is much lower than that of other applications, including those that offer the same security and liquidity. For those who invest with a medium and long-term horizon, there are many more interesting alternatives. 

 ”Having a portfolio with balanced liquidity can improve the portfolio’s profitability”, guides Vaz.

7 – Bad private pension



Having a private pension can be a good alternative to guarantee a smooth financial future. However, it is important to be aware, the largest pension funds are concentrated in large banks and yield little because of the high fees charged by these institutions. 

Vaz points out that, “currently, there are several alternatives of better-quality pension funds – funds managed by independent houses with more sophisticated and cheaper strategies than what is historically offered in retail banks.” 

He also emphasizes that Wiseinvest’s Artificial Intelligence trading solution outperformed the financial market or even private pension plans.

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Disclaimer: Forex and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money due to leverage. Forex trading is not suitable for everyone. You should consider whether you understand how forex and CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

The forex brokerages displayed shall disclaim the overall performance of traders in their platforms. Oanda warns that 76.8% of retail forex traders lose money trading CFDs. XTB warns that 80% of retail forex traders lose money trading CFDs. FXCM warns that 74.74% of retail forex traders lose money trading CFDs.

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