What is a Forex signal and how does it work?

What is a Forex signal and how does it work?

Cutting to the chase, a forex signal is a trading recommendation for the foreign exchange market, usually communicated via digital channels such as email, website, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, or another relatively immediate method. With Wiseinvest, you can have free AI signals to trade forex by clicking here.

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Learning Finance Is Critical to succeed in forex trading

No matter how you decide to learn about finance, having these skills can bring success in your professional and personal life. We always recommend learning more about finance and trading. This is why we founded the free Trading Academy.

Quick tip.
On Forex trading, positions can only be opened in certain volumes of trading units called contracts or lots, depending on the forex broker. A trader cannot buy, for example, 1,000 euros exactly, they can buy 1 lot, 2 lots, or 0.01 lots, etc.

Understanding the essentials of forex signals

Imagine that you intended to invest in forex or other financial markets – such as stocks, commodities, or futures. It turns out that to make an accurate decision, it is necessary to make a set of decisions: which asset or symbol to invest, how much to invest, what is the action price, what are the targets – entry and exit price, how to calculate the risk, and so on.

Therefore, a trading signal is a set of information that usually answers the questions mentioned above to help people invest in forex.

Typical Forex signal features.

Although these are the main characteristics of a signal provider, not all offer the complete list of reliable services.

At Wiseinvest, all forex signals are powered by AI-system that sends the following information:

  • Currency pair (for example EUR/USD).
  • Direction (buy or sell).
  • Amount to invest (or position size).
  • Take profit.
  • Stop Loss.

Check out how it appears on our dashboard.

forex trading signals
forex trading

All our AI signals are market orders sent in real-time via the website, email, and Telegram. It means that while the signal is displayed on the dashboard you can place the order, regardless of the fx symbol quote. We do this way to assure you will not place an old signal that could be not good anymore.

By trading forex with our AI signals, you do not need the entry price. In this case, there is a range of price which makes the signal good to be placed, not a specific price.

How to choose a Forex signals provider

Nowadays, there is a lot of forex signals providers. But before choosing one, it is important to understand its benefits, besides how to use that for reaching for better results in forex live trading.

Differently from typical providers, our forex trading signals are emitted by artificial intelligence (AI forex signals). We are the only platform in the world that uses AI forex trading signals with 4 different position sizes which traders can use to place orders. It just copies the signals and pastes them into the forex broker.

The AI practices risk management on 4 different position sizes (Lot or Standard Contract, Mini Lot, Micro-Lot, and Units of Contracts) and it also calculates how much to invest in each operation.

Our standard signals are sent using units of contracts, based on the decision of our two AI trading system that works together to analyze the performance of our 40 strategies over the top 28 forex pairs, to identify the assets, directions, and values ​​with the highest probability of profit shortly. It is like a super trader equipped with the best investment strategies, able to evaluate millions of data in a few seconds to trade.

You can try our Premium services to trade automated with our AI trading and AI signals for free by clicking here.

Free forex signals providers on Telegram. Does it worth it?

As we discussed before, the digitization of forex trading contributed to the start of forex signals, which have become increasingly popular with beginners. These forex signals are usually calculated by professional traders using MT4 or other trading platforms using a set of trading indicators, and it is commonly distributed through Facebook, Telegram, and Whatsapp groups.

You should also be wary of free forex signal providers and fake professional traders who may be scammers displaying enormous and instant results. Serious investors always consider long-term performance, whatever the market.

How to use Wiseinvest AI forex signals?

Investing just got easier through our strategies. You just need to copy our AI forex signals and paste them into a trade-ticket window for the related forex pairs, in the brokerage account of your choice. We also alert traders via email and Telegram every time we have a new signal.

Through these 3 steps, you will be able to start receiving our AI forex trading signals:


forex trading market

Get to know more about Wiseinvest’s forex signals

We work with all the 28 most liquid forex pairs from the combination of USD / EUR / GBP / JPY / CHF / AUD / NZD / CAD and you do not need to do technical or fundamental analysis and convert pips.

With Premium, our AI sends up to 60 AI signals a month. Whereas, the free forex signals plan sends up to 10 trades in a month. All our forex signals are sent in real-time every 4 hours, from Sunday at 7:00 pm, until Friday at 7:00 pm EST, and the decision to send the signals occurs according to the assessment of our AI.

Thus, there may be days when the signals will not be sent, if the AI considers that it is not the best time to trade.

Whenever there is a new signal, we will notify you by email and Telegram. There is no need to worry, we will let you know at the right time.

You can also track our forex signals directly on the website dashboard.

Each of our signals targets profit between 0.78% and 0.94%, which is automatically defined in the take profit. The risk of each signal has a loss target of 1.17% and 1.34%, which is defined in the stop loss.

Which forex brokers do Wiseinvest forex signals work at?

Our forex signals work in all forex brokerages. However, we have some partner brokers. Click here and check out the brokers we trust.

What is the win rate of Wiseinvest’s forex Signals?

The Win Rate of our signals varies and can reach up to 95%. The performance of our AI signals is based on an efficient frontier, which means that our model is profitable whenever the Win Rate is greater than 60%. Our strategies seek stable returns and sufficient results to achieve an average target of 40% return per year (APY), without the application of high leverage.

We know that what matters is the final result. Therefore, the investor needs to note that Win Rate is not always the best metric, as other signal providers disclose.

For example, out of 100 trades, it is possible that only 1 trade is enough loss to make the 99 trades not profitable.

In this case, the Win Rate would be 99%, but the final result would be unfeasible. Therefore, we focus on the return of 40% of APY and not just on Win Rate.

You can also trade forex automatically with AI

There is a simple, efficient, and safe way to invest automated in forex with AI. With AI trading you do not need to concern about manually copy forex signals. Check it out:


automated trading with ai bot

Automated AI trading benefits

  • Setup in 3 minutes.
  • Totally hands-off, from anywhere.
  • Invest from just $100.
  • APY of 43% over the past 10 years*.
  • Capital protected under the broker.
  • Lightning-fast execution & no slippage.
  • No commissions, no management fees.
  • Portfolio with 40 different automatic strategies.
  • No MT4/MT5 or other platforms required.
  • Test with a risk-free practice account.
  • Trading results directly on our dashboard.

With Automated AI trading you do not need MT4 / MT5 and other trading platforms to invest in forex. All forex trades are automatically placed into your broker account every time that our AI system identifies a new worthy trading opportunity. You can monitor the AI trading performance in real-time directly on our dashboard.

When investing through Wiseinvest automated AI trading or AI forex signals, you do not need to calculate pips or change the leverage in your forex broker account. Learn more about leverage in forex trading clicking here.

Don’t you have a broker account yet? Our AI is integrated to trade automated with the broker FXCM. Click here to open an account.

What is the AI performance in forex trading?

The Win Rate of our AI varies according to the period and can reach up to 95%. The performance is based on the efficient frontier measurement metric, which means that our model is profitable whenever the Win Rate is greater than 60%. All strategies of our AI trading system seek stable returns and sufficient results to achieve an average return of 40% per year (APY), without the use of high leverages.

We understand that what matters in forex trading is the final result. Thus, the investor needs to consider that Win Rate is not always the best metric to measure performance in forex, as other signal providers disclose. For instance, out of 100 trades, only 1 trade may be enough loss to make the 99 trades not profitable. In this case, the Win Rate would be 99%, but the final result would be unfeasible (negative).

We focus on the return of 40% of APY and not just on Win Rate.

It is essential to observe that forex brokers may charge spreads, commissions, and overnight fees in your trading account, and these factors can affect the AI performance. You can check our forex trading track record to understand more about AI trading performance by clicking here.

How much do I need to trade forex with AI?

You can start in forex trading with free AI signals or AI trading account and deposit just $100 in the broker. It is also possible to test using a risk-free practice account with our AI trading system. However, in order to do efficient risk management in real accounts, we suggest you start from at least $100. Notice that some forex brokers require different initial deposits to trade forex.

What is the trading strategy of our AI?

Our AI strategy is the combination of different AI trading systems, with more than 100 features, that define 40 different strategies which simultaneously consider: Quotes of the 28 forex pairs, Supports & Resistances in different time frames, Trends and Counter-trends, Cross-indicators, Index of each pair, Economic Calendar, Investors Sentiment.

Our AI analyzes those fundamental, technical, and sentiment factors that affect forex trading, and all criteria are evaluated in real-time using different weights. After completing the analysis, the choice of the signal emission strategy is made considering the increased likelihood of short-term profit and the amount available for investment.

Using technical analysis, our algorithm considers not only the patterns of various trends, including support and resistance levels and cross-indicators, but our AI is also able to create its own real-time index for each currency pair, that is used to identify what is the best direction and target.

In relation to fundamental analysis in forex, the AI makes a correlation within the economic calendar to find news data that can affect specific currency pairs.


  • A forex signal is the set of information used to trade in forex, usually consisting of a currency pair (for example EUR / USD), direction (buy or sell), amount to invest (or position size), take profit, and stop loss.
  • With Wiseinvest, you can have free forex signals to trade through any broker.
  • An alternative to forex signals is the automated AI trading of Wiseinvest by which artificial intelligence can trade automatically in your broker account.

Learning Finance Is Critical to succeed

We always recommend learning more about finance and trading. No matter how you decide to learn about finance, having these skills can bring success in your professional and personal life. This is why we founded the free Trading Academy.

Wiseinvest is committed to democratizing the retail forex trading market through AI solutions. We work hard to provide financial education, allow anyone in the world to invest easily with Automated AI trading and free AI forex signals. Our AI platform is integrated with AWS, IBM Watson, and Google AI.

Enjoy other free articles about forex trading on the trading Academy and on our free forex Telegram channel.

Disclaimer: Forex and Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money due to leverage. Forex trading is not suitable for everyone. You should consider whether you understand how forex and CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

The forex brokerages displayed shall disclaim the overall performance of traders in their platforms. Oanda warns that 76.8% of retail forex traders lose money trading CFDs. XTB warns that 80% of retail forex traders lose money trading CFDs. FXCM warns that 74.74% of retail forex traders lose money trading CFDs.

The performances aforementioned are not related to Wiseinvest AI forex trading and AI forex signals system. You can check the performance of our AI forex system on our dashboard.